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Beauty Salons in Dubai : 1-minute Beauty Hacks for Glowing Skin

Each and everyone wants the elusive lit from within glow on our faces. Who amongst doesn’t want luminescent and gorgeous skin? Don’t  we ?

Here best beauty salon in karama , Dubai have comeup with few 1-minute  beauty hacks for glowing skin. Try these all to get an instant result in single minute. Let’s go on with with the glowing skin that you’ve always wanted.

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Foundation with Facial oil
Facial oils are said to be very good for your beautiful skin. If you are using these oils with makeup, they can give you much desired dewy skin. Take a brush which is covered in foundation and put two or three drops of facial oil before you blend on your skin. These practices can give you a very natural glow on your skin.

Balm up
Lip balms can be serve for many uses. When you feel  your skin got tired, take a little bit of lip balm and with your fingers pat it on your cheek muscles and brow bones. Try to do Five or six times in a half moon shape direction. In no time you will get a pretty sheen lips.

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Quick facial!
For keeping healthy skin, one of the most important  thing is to do cleansing activities. But most of them are aware of the usage of microfibre cloth. By the usage of micro fibre cloth while cleansing can give you energized and toned skin? Try to massage your face parts using microfiber cloth to get glowing skin in no time. These facial are considered to be as a quickie facial!

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