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Salon in Dubai: Top 7 Pre Wedding Beauty Tips For Brides

Every bride is the twinkling star of her dream wedding day in UAE.
Months are spent for deciding the date of the wedding, list of invitations, and the decorations. The clothing and accessories consume the bride’s every waking moment. In the midst of all the planning and organizing, the bride forgets the most important thing to take care of herself.
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 One of the best beauty salon in karama , Dubai bring to you the top 7 pre-wedding beauty hacks for brides-to-be. Have a look!

1.Hair & Facial

Start getting a monthly facials from at least 5-6 months before the wedding from best facial in Dubai. If you have very short time period on your hand then opt for a bi-weekly 24-ct gold facial. Before applying any new products on your skin ask for patch test.
For healthy looking hair, start getting a hair spa done once a month and like the facials. Try to start this treatment at least six months before the. There are many homemade masks that you can use to get some shine in your hair, if you

2. Gorgeous Hands And Feet

Before going to sleep keep your hands and feet soft by massaging olive oil on. This will get rid of the dry skin on your hands and feet. Make sure to use pumic stones while bathing. Polished nails of both hands and feet give an added beauty to your look. You must certainly maintain clean and polished nails through monthly manicures and pedicures.
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3. Hair Removal

Keep yourself  to be well groomed on your wedding function. This should be applies to your legs and hands from which you usually remove unwanted hair. Keep your eyebrows in shape. Hair removal of any part of the body can give you small cuts or rashes. So try to maintain that bi-weekly or monthly, as per the requirement.

4. Dieting mode

You must drink enough water to keep your body toxin-free. Aim for at least eight glasses of water. You can opt for coconut water or lime water to shed the bloat. Eat a balanced diet. These balanced methods  consists of fruits, green vegetables, and protein.
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5. Sleeping mode

Sleep is absolutely must requirement  before the wedding. Lack of sleep can give you dark circles on the skin. A polished skin, but with dark circles under the eyes, will definitely not look good on your wedding day. Best beauty salon offers and advice you to sleep at least for 8-10 hours a day.

6. Massage and Spa

This is not absolutely necessary but if you want to take some time off from the wedding stress, then you can visit any reputed and best spa in karama for a massage.

7. Maintaining The Glow

Many of us give up on our beauty schedules post the wedding. Here is a question for you – why should you put a time frame on looking beautiful? You needn’t be at the treatment center as often, but you don’t have to stop entirely either.
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After all, each and everyone a little ‘me time’ what we called a private space. You can opt for simple home remedies to have a helping hand in the process of maintaining that ‘new bride glow’.
Hope you liked reading this post. Do leave us your feedback!
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